Today is Mother’s Day in Spain, it is well known that the Boobe people are matriarchal, our history places us as children of Mother Bisila, “beatified” as a virgin because the Catholic religious settlers could not overcome the faith that was processed towards her.
The Boobe mother woman not only has the children she has given birth to, she can take in another child from an early age, whom she helps to take care of together with the biological mother, as if he or she were her own child. I have heard other relatives or blood relatives call my mother “mama” and they respect her as such, and she is part of my closest family.
As a boobe’s daughter and mother, I want to share one of those stories that I have been told, which I don’t know how true it is because not all the boobe women I know can corroborate it…
The boobe woman when she becomes pregnant for the first time, one of the rites that is performed together with the wairibo, is to “throw” or give her food in high places so that this mother simulates and makes an effort to get the food, as if her life depended on it, with this the future mother shows how she will always provide her future child with what he/she needs?
Have you ever heard of this “rite”? Do you know of any other rite referring to the mother?.

Abena Bokara


This poem is dedicated to all the mothers around the world but specially the Bubi mother. Every thay is a mother day.


She is one of Eriatv Host. Deseada Abena Bokara is a citizent of Spain, Ecuatorial Guinea decendant. She lives in Castilla La Mancha Spain.

Abena Bokara


Angie Lohoba