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Open Book
Issue 1 | July 2022
Issue 2 | August 2022
Issue 3 | September 2022

Issue 3 September 2022

Pages 3-7 | Célia F. OKon brings us a list of reading material written by Bubi (Evove) writers about their own culture. She says: “Those who can best speak of our roots and culture are those who carry the Bubi heritage in their genetics”.

Page 8 | Poem for Evove Black History Month – by poet, Ciriaco Bokesa.

Page 9 | Hear about the upcoming Declaration of the Independence of the Boobe people of Bioko Island on our events pag, which will also feature in next months issue.

Issue 2 August 2022

Pages 3-5 | The Mother of the Land Our Lady of Bisila and her elevation to the altars by the Catholic Church written by Kopesese.

Page 6 | ‘Mother Bisila’ Poem by Bonai Capote

Page 7 | Order your ebook copy of the untold history of Moita Eweera now, on Amazon and Google Bookstores. Written by Edmundo Sepa.


Issue 1 July 2022

Pages 3-7 | The untold hisotry of Bötükubööte Ësàasi Eweera, who, like Lubbà six years after him, was imprisoned and killed simply for demanding the right to self-determination and protection and inalienable property over the land of his ancestors

Page 6 | Upcomong events in the Disapora

Cover page of Eria TV magazine issue 4. Deep pink and gold background colours. The head of a man, photographed long ago, looks out to the distance, outlines of leaves behind him. Text reads: Eria Magazine, Issue 4, 01 FEBRUARY 2023. Page 03 Bösèlla Bëakká on the discovery of her roots. Page 10 Interview with Maria Belén Meha Boabonay. page 15 Report by Kopesese Sepa Bonaba Expert on immigration and international cooperation "Denial and deprivation of the right of the other cannot be the main currency of Governance". and more! Photo: King Bioko Read more about him on the next page. EriaTV LTD. We are Afro-Äbóbë