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Learn about the wisdoms and languages of the Boobe people with the sharing of knowledge of our cultural experts.

Learning Ëtyö

Take paper and pencil and write down these expressions on video. Which is your favorite? Which one will you use more?

Inglés / español / bubi
What’s up? / ¿Qué pasa? / Wabe?
I am waiting / Estoy esperando / Na betèla
I’m öbóbë first / primero soy öbóbë / Në öbóbë laötya
What are you doing? / ¿Qué haces? / Ká lö la penaé
Here it is sunny and cold / Aquí hace calor y frío / Halo, hè itòhí la silent
I am here alive / estoy aquí vivo / Në haló, lóbötyö

content about the boobe language.

 Today, new expressions! Let’s keep the Boobe language alive!
English / Spanish / Boobe /
1. I greet you / Te saludo / Ko bóyálo
2. Good morning / Buenos días / Tuë a lövari
3. How are you? / ¿Cómo estás? / Ká wë lè
4. I am fine / Estoy bien / Në lèlè
5. I am reading a book / Estoy leyendo un libro / Na sossa ë ribúku
6. Thank you / Gracias / Potóo
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Etyo. The Boobe Language

Language is a fundamental component in a culture. It is also the highest expression of it. For this reason, to preserve it is to preserve the culture.
English / Spanish / Bubi /
1. We are one / Somos uno / Tuë belé!
2. Have you eaten today? / ¿Has comido hoy? / Lö’á réi lèlò
3. Have a good day! / Ten un buen día / Hëtyám elò èè
4. You are very kind / Eres muy amable / Ö a pari möhömö
5. We are strong / Somos Fuertes // Tuë tö’u
6. Goodbye! / Adiós / Ö mua uë

Welcome to Class

To correctly read the bubi terms that will appear, it is necessary to learn the pronunciation of the signs of the bubi alphabet.

We also have to talk about the nominal classes in Bubi, as in all Bantu languages. In addition, when saying someones name, especially surnames, we also have to mention the nominal class to which they belong, in order to provide the reader with clear information.

The key numbers of the Bööbé numerical nomenclature.

More Lessons Coming Soon

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