African music is rich and diverse, as vast and varied as the continent itself, narrating the realities of life that are still alive today.

This project aims to recognize the relationship between music, the people on the African continent, and the diaspora and our experiences .

A Journey Through Music

African artists, music, rhythms, drums and healing.

This series of interviews with artists from accross the continent and beyond takes a look at how our experiences shape our music differently, and how it is used as a tool for healing, mourning, recovering, celebrating, and bringing communities together through beats.

It is essential not to lose sight of the fact that traditional Bubi dances are fundamentally spiritual because, as they always evoke past events or wishes for the future, this part should not be neglected. so, for each dance, the ritual of invoking the spirits of its creators and all the people who fought for its preservation should be performed, asking for their help so that everything that is to be done goes well.

By: Edmundo Sepa Bonaba.


Interviews Coming Soon

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