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First Premiere of “The Lost Children of Bioko Island”.
Held in Madrid Spain, the Premiere was hosted by Eria TV and the Bubi Sociocultural Association of Spain. These photos and reaction interviews (above) show the huge impact that sharing this documentary has with people all over the world.

Lost Children of Bioko Island

This heart-moving and inspiring autobiographical documentary, directed by Barbara Böhulá Michaels, shows her story and the stories of others all around the world as they discover their roots and the journey of reconnection that it takes them on.

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Lion Sitte

LION SITTE: “I would like to be remembered as a hard-working artist who enjoyed what he did and supported the culture with music, transmitting a positive message.” Full interview in our channels. Don’t miss it!


“When you like something, and you believe in it, you always have to go for more and not settle for it”. Tannah has always been committed to a personal musical work based on experiences, ideas and above all on the current social situation.  Our guest is a journalist when she is not singing, she works for the Ministry of Agriculture in Spain.


Vitus Kake: “I would like my legacy to be that young people speak bubi”.

Our first guest of the season at Ö bösò bulé. She is Vitus Kake and she defines herself as “a simple woman, a music lover, who loves to share my voice and my dances with everyone”.

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Liki Loribo Apo

Liki Loribo Apo. Playwright, actor, director…A reference in the Bubi culture at the level of writing, theater and ultimately, art.

 “People who are outside the island sometimes show more interest in learning Bubi than those who are living there”.

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