Eria TV

Documenting the stories of the Boobe people and their journies across the world.

With community-orientaited media that focuses on education, entertainment, news, history and supporting Black-owned enterprise.

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Vision & Mission

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Together with the community on the island of Bioko, the original home of the Boobe people, and extended communities around the world, we are researching, documenting and keeping alive the Boobe traditions, languages and knowledge, as well as developing a range of support services in Trade that focuses on representing and enriching the community. 

ERIA TV will act as a comprehensive communications channel in several languages to:

  • Combine the various activities via a single channel,
  • Record and present the history and culture of the people
  • Provide news and information
  • Offer online training and education
  • Create a shop window to promote traditional products and services
  • Provide a platform for sponsors, and suppliers
  • Offer entertainment channels
  • Be a single point of contact  for all issues  and information related to the above